2016 Colour Trends

Benjamin Moore has cast its vote for Simply White OC-117  as the colour of 2016.

I have to admit, I also love the look of  FRESH, CLEAN, WARM WHITE walls which can be a FABULOUS BACKDROP for beautiful pieces of furniture, dark and light hues of hardwood flooring and stunning photography and prints.

Clients and friends are always asking me what is the colour of the season, the year or even just my personal pick.

I always give them the same answer, ” It’s the one that you love the most.”

Of course, that probably annoys them but paint colour is a very personal choice and what one person loves another can’t stand or just finds so so.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

I’d  rather my clients and friends follow their own gut and go with what is speaking to them and with what they love, rather than choose a colour simply based on my tastes.

Everyone has inner guidance and it even works for picking paint colour! 

Sometime all that is needed to trust that inner guidance is good ole practice. Which is really the fun part.

2016 Color Pick

Lux Design | White, Greys

Warm Whites Color Pick Thomsen Built

Cornerstones Architects










My clients may need help picking just the right shade of white, there are a ton, but they know the FEELING that they are trying to create and everything just falls into place from there.

It’s pretty cool watching the design of a entire home come together.

So, if you are having a hard time narrowing down your top colour pick for 2016 try this…

  1. Choose 5 colours that you really like.
  2. Go get the paint chips for them at the paint centre.
  3. Tape the colour chips to your wall.
  4. Look at them for a few days and get the feel for them.
  5. Start eliminating the ones that you like the least.
  6. Eventually, you’ll be left with one colour.
  7. Paint away.

In the Thomsen Built Design Centre, we use the process of elimination all the time and our customers always find a colour that they love.

Typically, they are usually very surprised how easy the process of choosing a paint colour is.

Trust your instincts!

What’s your colour pick for 2016?